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"TRAITORS ... magnificent sweep and scope"... "strikingly vivid"... "characters worth caring about"... "sweet stress and tension required of solid dramatic structure since its inception."
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"...mesmerizing... unique, passionate."

Richard Walter
UCLA Department of Film and Television  - Screenwriting Chairman.

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"...original and provocative"..."authentic and dynamic"... "all the makings of a powerful film."

Michael Corrente: Director & Producer:
Eagle Beach Productions {NYTimes}


There exists very strong, worldwide, crossover potential for this film. 


In the light of current population demographics and evident international interest, earlier reluctance, primarily due to genre or subject-matter commercial uncertainty, would now appear fiscally unwarranted .
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c/o R. L. Chacona
175 W. 7
2rd St. #3F
New York, New York  10023


"Yo sé los nombres extraños, delas yerbas y las flores, y de mortales engaños, y de sublimes dolores."

"Yo sé de un pesar profundo, entre las penas sin nombres; ¡la esclavitud de los hombres, es la gran pena del mundo!"

"No me pongan en lo obscuro a morir como un traidor; yo soy bueno y, como bueno, moriré de cara al sol."

  "Mi verso es de un verde claro, y de un carmín encendido; mi verso es un ciervo herido, que busca en el monte amparo."    

José Martí

"While long cherished hopes of freeing our people lay in ruins about us, we heard those crushed hopes gloated over by a tyrant more vicious, more arrogant, than ever... What little respect one must have for a people, to deceive them so miserably. To have believed in him for a single moment should suffice to fill a man of conscience with remorse for the rest of his life ...

... Let me tell you a story. Once upon a time there was a Republic. It had Its Constitution, its laws, its civil rights, a President, a Congress, and courts of law...  The people were not satisfied with the government officials at that time, but they had the power to elect new officials. There were political parties, radio and television debates, forums and public meetings. The whole nation throbbed with enthusiasm. This country had suffered greatly and although it was unhappy, it longed to be happy. It had been deceived many times and looked upon the past with real horror.

This country believed-blindly that such a past could not return; the people were proud of their love of liberty; they carried their heads high in the conviction that liberty would be respected as a sacred right. They felt confident that no one would dare commit the crime of violating their democratic institutions. They desired a change for the better, aspired toward progress; they saw all this at hand. All their hope was in the future. ---
 My poor country!"

  From: History Will Absolve Me
  by  Fidel Castro / October 16, 1953 




There Exists Very Strong, Worldwide, Crossover Potential For This Film.    



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