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Fidel Castro has tenaciously remained in power through deceit and the historical fate of a change in U. S. presidents during the Bay of Pigs,  the U.S./Soviet bargain resulting from the Cuban Missile Crisis, his cunning exploitation of The Cold War, and his very ruthless  totalitarian rule.

Despite high ambitions, Cuban-Americans have been perennially unsuccessful in exercising powerful spiritual and moral advantage.  Cuban-Americans' efforts to expose the monstrous cruelties and unmask the fraudulence and illegitimacy of Fidel Castro's malevolent government continues to be very effectively silenced.

There is a vital need for Cuban-Americans to candidly portray the Cuban revolution,  its great ideals and the great lessons to be learned from its great deceptions and its great failures.

The injustices still perpetrated on the Cuban people remain painfully unredressed.  An end of Fidel Castro's rule would simply be a byproduct of ending the misery yet suffered and endured now by the Cuban population.

Focused more on daily pursuits and simply being reactive to crisis, many Cuban-Americans have neglected a hallowed duty to "la Patria."









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Our "mainstream media" and a significant number of other fellow Americans callously still celebrate Castro's regime.  From a degree of ignorance or obstinacy, here in the U.S. and abroad many petulantly cling to the pitiful hope that such a system could hold the answers to inequities of society. 

Like during the Elian Gonzalez controversy, Cuban-Americans remain misunderstood, finding themselves trapped between naive American public opinion and contrived, slick media spins  ( A D M & N C C. )

Also see: 'AN INNOCENT VICTORY?' for a more balanced perspective.


To achieve an understanding and a solidarity with more of their fellow citizens,  it is essential for Cuban-Americans to find a stronger  voice.  We all need to apply ourselves with far greater diligence, a hardened unity and much more media savvy, than ever before.

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Before Castro took power in 1959, Cuba ranked third in per capita income in Latin America, behind Argentina and Venezuela.

Today, after 43 years of socialism and more than $75 billion in Soviet economic and military aid, Cuba's per capita income is one of the lowest in the Western Hemisphere,  even approaching the levels of countries such as Haiti.  Now Cuba's unemployment,  Cuba's poverty and Cuba's prostitution are at all-time highs and Cuba's touted literate are without free speech or a free press.

In spite of all its repugnant abuses and of  having pushed Cuba more deeply into economic despair than ever, many lasting controversies over Cuba and its revolution's success  continue.

For decades Cuba has maintained a key position within Latin America as well as worldwide and the romanticized image of Cuba the country, its people, and its revolution persists.  Impassioned emotions extend farther and run deeper than the fervent enmity between Havana and Miami.

Throughout history, one of the most effective forums for presenting complex views has unquestionably been in the context of drama and the cinema.   Lamentably, Hollywood and Cuban-Americans have  underemployed it.    
SHOWTIME'S   F I D E L  2002
Review }

Films that candidly and conscientiously portray Castro in his infamy and prehend the Cuban Revolution will have very powerful pro-active impact worldwide.


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a working title)
is one such film that unveils fundamental questions and effectively exposes Castro, the ruthlessly maleficent, despot.
  How was the Cuban Revolution betrayed?

Young lovers confront personal conflicts within universal themes of friendship, loyalty, deceit compassion and honor.

Definitive courtroom and political dramas reveal the manipulation and brutality, the seeds of what became Castro's Cuba.

Its story achieves understanding to touch the hearts of people everywhere who have suffered and endured, whether for love or for personal conviction.  In a world of strife and hatred, it continues to champion love , friendship, redemption and what is best in the human spirit.


n order to have significant political impact, TRAITORS   must be dramatic, have a clear focus and strive for its largest possible audience. 

With intelligent casting, the combination of its dynamic characters and their culturally relevant tale will spark wide interest from the expansive Latin communities and find its market with both young and older movie goers.

Love, action-adventure, and personal drama, sharing a spotlight with history will give TRAITORS a very significant crossover possibility with very strong and international, commercial-potential.
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No Castro nor his regime !



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